"In March I joined Rose Fitness which pushed me to my limits and improved my mental health and self-confidence. I encourage you all to visit her page and let Kerry help you with your own self-love plan."

- Liz V. 

“Personal training with Kerry was outstanding. I was able to lose 15 pounds, with more energy now than ever, thanks to meticulous and thorough exercise regimens and motivation, I'm able to feel better about myself. Thanks Kerry.”

- John A. 


"I have always acknowledged the importance of an active lifestyle. It was only until a loved one fell victim to a heart attack when I actually began to adopt that active lifestyle as my own. Rose Fitness helped me with that transition by challenging my physical and mental capacity in a personalized and enjoyable way. Thank you so much.”

- Caroline L. 


“I worked with Kerry for nine months as a personal trainer, and she motivated me the whole way. I lost a little weight (muscle weights more than fat) and about two inches from my waist and thighs. I can fit into my skinniest jeans again. That's all great, but I gained so much more. I gained confidence and knowledge about a new area of fitness. My mental health improved and I was better able to handle the stress of grad school. I took a self-imposed hiatus due to a move, but now that I'm settled, I've rejoined Rose Fitness. Kerry is realistic and motivating and all about being healthy. Honestly, best health decision I have ever made.”

- Maggie W.