Some days, I feel like I don’t have a second to breathe. I’m constantly scheduling, doing, reassessing, doing again. Striving for perfection in an imperfect world. Climbing a combined social-professional ladder that in the grand scheme of things leads me nowhere particularly closer to a happier self. I completed an exercise yesterday in which you choose 10 out of about 30 values. The list goes on with things like “Achievement", “Close Relationships”, “Financial Gain”, “Community Involvement”. After you’ve chosen your 10 most important values, you’re instructed to narrow it down to 5, and then 3, and then 2, and then 1. While I was doing this, I could hardly imagine actually giving up my value of “Health” and “Creativity/Art/Expression”, but in the end the one value I finally ended up with… “Inner Harmony”.

It hit me. I mean it really hit me. All the striving and all the WORK we do. Does any of it really mean anything if we’re not at peace with ourselves? Honestly, in my opinion, no.

So how do we find peace? How do you find peace? Is it forgiveness? Forgiveness of yourself, or others who hurt you in the past? Maybe who are still hurting you now. Is it making a change in your life? Quitting the job you hate and perusing passion even if it means a shrinking pay check? Maybe its just changing your diet. Maybe it’s starting to eat healthier to finally start nourishing and supporting your body that is doing its best to serve you. Maybe its eating something delicious and fried today because you’ve been too freakin hard on yourself, dude. Maybe it’s just yoga. Stretching and breathing on your mat and meeting yourself there. Maybe it’s religion, maybe it’s not. I think, for me, it’s all of the above and then some. I think it’s maybe the journey of my life to find exactly where, how and when I am at the most peace with myself.

Comment below on where you are with your inner harmony and how you found, or didn’t find it and where you’re looking for it.

In peace,

Kerry Rose


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