The Placebo Effect

The power of intention, the law of attraction, positive thinking, manifestation, the secret. There’s a bunch of different names for essentially the same thing here. You can try to deny it, but there’s concrete evidence out there that this shit WORKS. I work in clinical research, and I’ve spent some time looking at studies that test experimental drugs for cancer treatment. In these types of studies, there is often a control group or a “placebo” group. This group includes patients that do not receive the experimental drug, and instead receive standard of care treatment along with placebo (ex. a saline solution or sugar pill that has no active drug). It’s not uncommon to see these patients actually begin to respond to treatment all of a sudden after they begin receiving an extra bit of salt water. The scientific term for this is "the placebo effect”. Basically, we don’t really know why, but the body will respond to what the mind believes is happening to it. And I hate to tell you, but this works in the opposite way as well. Believing that you won’t succeed, or you won’t heal, or you won’t make progress will usually prevent you from doing so as well. I’m certain you’ve encountered this in your own experience. What’s my point here? Well, if you decide to allow yourself to truly commit to achieving health, success, happiness, and all the above, there is nothing holding you back from that besides your own mind. You can literally use the placebo effect to your advantage. As I said before, in other spaces outside of scientific research this is called manifesting. Don’t believe me? That’s fine. But what’s the harm in swallowing the sugar pill?

In health and happiness,



Kerry Meyers