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Good morning! Or good afternoon. Or whenever you may have stumbled upon this post. Ok so, to be completely honest, this feels a littttle bit awkward but, I’ve been meaning to write this very FIRST blog post for (embarrassingly) a couple of months now. You know when you keep promising yourself you’re going to do something and you keep putting it off because you want it to be perfect and you don’t know how to start so you just don’t. Well, yea that’s been me and this blog on this beautiful website that @Kikico_kelly so graciously created for me. I’m admittedly not much of a writer, but I do think it’s important to put my voice out here. So, all in all, I’ve decided to just GO FOR IT, and accept the imperfectness of it, because that’s kind of exactly what I want to talk about anyway.

So! Since we’re going for it here, I’m going to introduce myself. My name is Kerry and I’m a certified personal trainer, certified health education specialist and have my master’s degree in public health. I work as a researcher and an online health coach and I’m personally and professionally invested in individual, community and population health. I’m kind of obsessed with all things fitness, while also being interested in enjoying and indulging in life and all it has to offer. Two things that I’ve come to find are apparently mutually exclusive in most corners of the fitness industry and “health” world (especially on filtered AF social media accounts). Well, I’m here to tell you that that’s actually not true, and striving to achieve a level of health that doesn’t include pure enjoyment of life, or food, or fun, or wine, or sex, or whatever, isn’t health at all. Major plot twist: all those fitspo girls on Instagram either enjoy more than just green smoothies and dead lifts or are extremely unhappy. Don’t get me wrong- there is certainly a level of self control that is super important, but restriction at all costs typically ends up doing more harm than good. I wanted my first blog post to focus on this topic because this is fundamental to my brand and style of fitness. I truly believe fitness should be enjoyable. A celebration of what the body can do, not a punishment- while it also happens to be extremely beneficial to your overall health and well being. I believe eating should be intuitive, and food should be fuel, not just “good” or “bad” counted calories. I know you’re either thinking right now, that sounds too good to be true, or how the hell is this girl calling herself a health professional while also encouraging WINE?!?! Trust me, I struggled with this paradox as well. However, I dare you to put down your calorie counting app and start allowing yourself to experiment with nutritious foods you love. I dare you to quit the work out class that you absolutely hate, but go to anyway because it promises results you’ve yet to see, and challenge yourself to find some physical activity you truly can’t wait to do. Swimming, hiking, bike riding, yoga, weight lifting, table tennis, even just practicing learning how to do a single push up, SOMETHING. I dare you to start loving the imperfectness of your perfect self. Yes, I know its all easier said than done, but that’s why I called it a challenge. If this does not lead you to a happier and healthier place, please personally email me at rosefitnessinfo@gmail.com.

In health,

Kerry Rose


Kerry Meyers